Baltimore County Department of Aging

Senior Center Membership Policy



In order to count the number of individuals served by our senior centers, registration procedures are established.



It is the policy of the Baltimore County Department of Aging that all eligible individuals must complete an annual registration/intake form in order to participate in any of the Baltimore County Senior Centers.


  1. Senior center membership will be granted to individuals 60 years of age and older and their spouse, regardless of the spouse’s age.  Non-county residents are eligible to join, however, they may face some restrictions related to registration procedures or holding council office.


  1. A spouse, who is under 60 years of age, receives a center membership card and is eligible for all programs and services that do not have an age requirement. Underage members may not hold elective office and are required to pay full price for any program or service that receives funding through the Older Americans Act.


  1. If the spouse who is 60 years of age and older is unable to continue their membership due to death or serious illness, the underage spouse remains eligible for center membership as long as they do not let their membership lapse.


Membership will be granted on a yearly basis, when the individual completes the following information on the ANSS Intake/Registration Form and appears in person to complete the registration process.