Frequently Asked Questions


Do you mail out the newsletter?

No, either look on line or pick up a copy at the center.

Do I have to come in person to become a member?

You must come into the center to fill out the registration form, sign and date it.

Is there a fee to join?

No fee to join the center. Staff will ask if new member would like to give a donation which helps to keep the price of classes and events to a minimum.

How do I become a member of the fitness center?

First, you must register as a member of the center. Next, pick up a Fitness Center application at the office. Fill it out and give it back to the office. The staff member will fax the back page to your doctor. The doctor fills out his portion of the form, signs and faxes it back to the office. Staff will call you to set up a day and time for the fitness orientation. When orientation is completed the member will have a picture taken along with their information put in the computer. Staff will take the payment. $100/year; $50.00/half a year; $25.00/quarter of a year.

What is the age to become a member?

Must be 60 and over to join.

My spouse is not 60 can he/she be a member?


If I travel with the center do I have to be a member?

  • 60 and over must be a member.
  • Under 60 non-members can travel but cannot sign-up until 10 days after the trip has been advertised.

Do you have lunch? What is the cost?

Lunch is served Monday-Friday at noon. Please make a voluntary contribution towards the $4.44 cost of lunch. A voluntary contribution of about $2.50 is recommended.

Are you part of the Warren Apartments?

No, the center is a part of the Baltimore County Department of Aging (BCDA). The apartments are owned by a private company.

How do I become a volunteer?

Please come to the office and ask the staff.